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22. April 2024

Add our embedded contact form directly on your website, and present your customer with your venues, menus and more.

Inquiry Inbox

Manage and respond to event inquiries efficiently with a centralized inbox for all inbound traffic to ensure complete overview.

Swift Reply

Receive inquiries with information on capacity on the requested date, ensuring double booking is a thing of the past.


Real-time Communication

Foster quick and simple communication with your guest, using our real time chat. Converts simple chat messages to branded email replies. Your customer simply replies to the email, and in your end all the correspondance is gathered under the event.

customer@mail.com Re: Wedding
Dear Victor
Reply Templates

Save time and maintain consistency by creating pre-designed mail templates for communication, and personalize individual messages based upon predesigned content for each offer.

Feedback Collection

Gather valuable insights and refine your events with our feedback collection feature, providing your business with post-event feedback.


Booking Designer

Easily plan and visualise events in seconds with our drag and drop design tool, insert complete menu-packages, venues, entertainment and more to proposals.

Toastmaster David presents tonights programme
BEO Timeline

Autogenerated BEO Timeline based upon your proposal, cross-referencing with allergens through your menus and the guest list, making sure that all stakeholders know exactly who and where guests with special dietary needs are seated.

View your event
Guest Portal

Provide your customers with their personal guest universe, easily accessible through a magic link, ensuring direct real-time access to your proposal and communication back and forth.

Account Customizations

Tailor Venjue to your brand identity with customizable form inputs for the booking flow, logo, colors and more.

1.2 MB
File Sharing

Store and easily access important documents, PDF-files related to your business and the relevant events, and share everything with your team or your guests at your convenience.

Autosave and Revert

Every change in an already confirmed event will be up for confirmation by default and if unconfirmed there is always a fallback to the previous confirmation, securing that an agreement is always consistent.


Main Course

Boeuf Wellington

Food and Beverages

Easily create and customise your food and beverage offerings, and alter them by need directly in your proposals.

Season Availability

Menus are only available when in season, ensuring the best possible terms for your team to streamline your entire supply chain, helping everyone to only sell the right thing at the right time.


All registered allergens are ready at your fingertips to tag your dishes and guests to be cross-referenced, so your team knows who has dietary restrictions. Reflected in the BEO, floorplan guestlist and more.


Availability and Info

Easily control your venues, their capacity and availability, and combine them when needed. Rearrange their associated floorplan and define the setup of your eventspace.

Table 9
Floorplan Designer

Design your table layouts once, and use them again and again. Give your guests authority to rearrange tables, change table configurations and more.


Invite your guests to define allergies, dietary needs, notes and seat their guests. Venjue will automatically crossreference with BEOs and table plans.


Mikki M.

Assign Staff

Effortlessly plan and manage staff for each event, whether they're external or in-house, the second you have confirmation. Stay informed as they accept or decline your invitations, and invoice their hours if needed.

User Collaboration

Keep your team involved and updated on every aspect at all times. Every stakeholder is automatically updated whenever changes are made, or at your convenience. Automate sharing of essential documents, so that the right person has the right information.

Centralised Calendar

Stay organised by consolidating all your events, customer meetings and tasks. Simply click on a meeting and Venjue will take you directly to the relevant booking for your convenience. The calendar can be filtered by venue selection, tags and more. It can even be subscribed to.

Benjamin changed participating guests to 50

Activity History

Track and review all activities related to the individual event at a glance. All changes are logged whether it's you, your staff or your customer who has made changes; keeping everything transparent at all times.


With intelligent Focus, always rely on getting relevant tasks prompted on your dashboard, reassuring you that everything is always updated and the most important task is at hand.


I'll handle it!
Memo Posts

Inform stakeholders, staff, groups or everybody within your company, ensuring swift communication and capability to share relevant information.


Confirm Offer
Digital Handshake

Ensure never to end up with an empty venue. You always have reassurance that your events are confirmed with a digital handshake or a prepayment.

  • Total
    48.500,00 DKK
  • Pre-payment 30 %
    14.550,00 DKK
  • •••• •••• •••• 1234

Collect Payments

Automatically collect prepayments or final payments, secure your cashflow if necessary. Everything is handled through our partner Stripe, that ensures the financial integrity of transactions. Easily know who's paid, who has surpassed the deadline and keep tabs on your financial foundation.

Bookkeeping Integration

Transfer customer data directly to your bookkeeping system, minimizing workload, saving time and removing potential errors. Have your invoices ready, the second you need them. Payments are created in the journal, and confirmed bookings are added as invoice drafts.