Events Made Easy

Fast responses are instrumental when your guests are deciding where to have their event. Venjue™ is a collection of tools that eliminate loss of revenue.

It doesn't have to be hard to host events

Venjue™ offers innovative software that makes it easy for restaurants, hotels and venues to collect, plan and execute events

Ensures revenue

Venjue™ helps land booking requests, answering them in time, exposes venues, and never costs anything until the event is agreed upon


Saves time

Roughly 4 minutes spent on average, when creating a booking with Venjue™. The intuitive features help deal with all aspects of an event

    • Upcoming Bookings

      Bookings are shown based on recent communication, date, activity and more, which ensures the right guest is responded to immediately

      Booking Latest activity
      Sara's company retreat
      Dishes were changed.
      Oliver and Simon's wedding
      Pre-payment of 14.000,00 DKK was deposited.
    • Professional offers in a few minutes

      Put together dishes and beverages, assign waiters and shift around tables. Send offers and collect payment. All while keeping your guest in the loop.

    • Floorplan Grand Budapest conference room

      Tip: Click a table to change no. of seats


      Be sure the venue is available, and ready

      • Create floorplan for a venue and make quick changes for each booking

      • Let your guests create the guestlist, choose where they sit and supply dietary info and more

      • Present venues with pictures, descriptions and amenities

    • Menu
      • Appetizer

        Summer Salad

      • Main Course

        Beef inner thighs tartar

      • Dessert

        Apple Trifle

      Dishes and Beverages

      Let the chef create dishes, and present them nicely

      • Limit sales by season, so the right ingredients are sold

      • Keep dishes and beverages up to date by scanning menu cards and let Venjue™ create them automatically

    • Staff Planning

      Assign your external employees already in the offer phase, so they aren't occupied elsewhere

      • Communicate with Memos to specific groups or employees

      • Schedule shifts that follow each booking

      • Let employees in different groups access relevant aspects of an event

    • Pre-payment and easy final payment

      Venjue™ can automatically charge pre-payment from the guest, so that the event business is certain of the agreement

      • Sends order confirmations to the guest with own logo and all agreed upon details, presented visually nice

      • Automatic bookkeeping and final invoicing with e-conomic

      • Sends out feedback emails after held events

      • Total
        48.500,00 DKK
        Of what is TAX
        9.700,00 DKK
      • Pre-payment 30 %
        14.550,00 DKK
      • •••• •••• •••• 1234

        LUNAR BANK dkk
Booking Requests

More requests and more overview

Add the Venjue Widget and replace contact forms, calls and emails with requests from own website, social media and other channels.

Try it yourself
  • Supplements contact forms, calls and emails

  • Synchronizes with calendars

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1. December 23



Sara's company retreat

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60 people

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Budapest Road 1
Odense C